Building mobile and desktop apps with Ionic

Have you had a dream to use the code of a nice mobile to create a nice desktop web app?

Yay! You can easily now build apps for both desktop and mobile devices using the same codebase.

Let’s cover the news!


Desktop Support

Here’s an example of responsiveness in desktops:

Responsive grid, allowing to design for mobile and desktop
Source: Ionic blog


Ionic team is working really hard, please read their recent blog post on Responsive Grid to get all the details.

You can read the documentation here on the Desktop Support.

Ionic v2.2.0

Another thing is the new Ionic 2.2.0 the team released recently, that version includes 2 major updates:

  • Split Pane component
  • Updating the framework to run on Angular 2.4.8

The split pane is a core component for building the responsive apps (apps that work on mobile and desktops).

The split pane is actually the main menu displayed on the sidebar instead of being collapsed in a hamburger menu.

Here’s how it works:

Split pane in action


Ammar Alakkad

Web Developer